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Indian Industrialisation Trajectory Redefined

Dr. A K Agarwal

Rs. 536.00

Management By Walking

Dr. A K Agarwal

Rs. 203.00

Vibrant Indo-Asean Leadership

Dr. A K Agarwal

Rs. 1,350.00

World Bows To Lord Hanuman

Neera Agarwal

Rs. 4,212.00

Grub Fiesta

Sonam Agarwal

Rs. 4,023.00

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Vibrant Indo-Asean Leadership

Author: Dr. A K Agarwal

Distillation of the voyage of ASEAN during the last five decades and how the synergies between India and the region blossomed from a bud into a flower have always been the subjects of awe and inspiration for the world at large.

Price: Rs. 1500.00

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