BRAVING A VIRAL STORM: India’s Covid-19 Vaccine Story

Health and Family Welfare Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has officially launched the book titled “Braving A Viral Storm: India’s Covid-19 Vaccine Story” in New Delhi. The book is co-authored by Aashish Chandorkar and Suraj Sudhir. The book launch comes ahead of India’s second anniversary of starting its COVID-19 vaccination drive in January 2021. In this book, the inside story of India’s fight against Corona and the challenges of making a vaccine in difficult circumstances is told. The whole story from India’s preparation to making it in the vaccine race has been told through words in this book. India had established a Covid management model towards an exemplary vaccination with public participation. In Braving a Viral Storm: India’s Covid-19 Vaccine Story, Aashish Chandorkar and Suraj Sudhir recall this saga of India’s fortitude and collective resolve. They use extensive data to follow the story, starting right from global perspectives on the unlikeliness of a pandemic, the development of the vaccine both in scientific and political terms and the series of triumphs over political, financial and geographical hurdles that followed. The book details how our self-belief played a key role in bouncing back from the pandemic and put the nation on the path of Aatmanirbharta, or self-dependence.

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