Energize Your Mind: Learn the Art of Mastering Your Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

“Being humble means we do not think less of ourselves but think of ourselves less.”

–       Gaur Gopal Das, Energize Your Mind

A best-seller as soon as it was released and noted as a ‘must read’ by Jay Shetty, this book is a way to a whole new outlook towards life, facing challenges, and getting in touch with the inner energy and power of our mind that will help us to achieve greater control.

Gaur Gopal Das aims to help people to come to terms with their issues at hand, and take the steps which are not only necessary to meet the issue, but to take effective steps to solve the issue and curb any chances of recurrence.

There is no doubt that Swamiji is a man of great learning and a public figure who has over the years enlightened his audience with his thoughtfulness, sense of humour, and ability to instill a positive attitude toward life.

Hence, it is not surprising that Energize Your Mind has received rave reviews all over the book world online.

It has been much discussed, talked about, and thoroughly dissected to take guidance from a man who has both insight and understanding.

It is this balance of maturity with the creative power to connect to readers and make them relate to the thoughts of processing the challenges in life sensibly and logically which makes this book an essential read for all.

“Unless you go through the pain of being sharpened, what is within you will not come out. The pencil has to be sharpened before the lead can make an impact. Something similar must happen to us in our lives. Sometimes we have to go through the pain of being sharpened for the best in us to come out.”

The book is structurally divided into 4 sections namely – 1) Me and My Mind, 2) Other and My Mind, 3) Me and The Mind of Others, and 4) The Universe and My Mind.

From these headings, it is clear, that the focus of the book is on the idea of mastering the mind. This concept also gives a circularity to the book that begins and ends on the human mind, while highlighting the need for holistic development through systematized habits and practices.



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