Chanakya Neeti with Chanakya Sutras

Chanakya Neeti, a collection of aphorisms on topics ranging from ethics, morality to governance and more, is said to have been compiled by Chandragupta Mauryas royal advisor, Chanakya, from a variety of ancient Indian treatises on the aforementioned topics. Chanakya, traditionally known as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta, was an Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor. He wrote the Arthashastra, an ancient Indian political treatise. Considered a pioneer in the field of Political Science and Economics in India, his works, lost towards the end of the Gupta Empire, were fortunately rediscovered in 1915. Talking Points – One of the most widely read books on governance and ethics in ancient India – A compilation of aphorisms from an amalgamation of Indian treatises – Covers themes as varied as ethics, morality, family, fealty, and more – Compiled by Chanakya, whose works were a precursor to Classical Economics Worldwide readership/market Parliamentarians, bureaucrats, readers of self-help, motivational literature, students of Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, educational institutions, general trade readers



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