Author: Dr AK Agarwal
Published: 2011
Language: English
No of pages: 181
About Book

Businesses today cannot grow without the vision of management and abilities of its people. The manager of today has to enable the creation, acceptance and implementation of this vision. The consumer needs, competition, technology and environment are changing at a fast pace. The business leaders have to be observant, creative and proactive in their search for quick responses to the changes.

This book focuses on the qualities and processes that need to be imbibed by practicing managers, especially middle level and above, to keep ahead in the race for excellence. The book gives practical insights and tips to enable management professionals to introspect and realize their growth potential.

The desirable leadership qualities such as Power of Observation; Ability to Analyze and Interpret; Being Creative and Innovative; Being Proactive, etc. have been discussed in detail. ‘Management by Walking’ facilitates the practicing of these qualities in a non-obtrusive manner.
The book offers a strong message that the corporate war cannot be won from the Boardroom. It can only be won in the management battlefield, which is the marketplace or production area or technology development area or customer support area, depending on the goal or target.
The book describes that an integral role of the management professionals is to encourage and facilitate the contribution and collection of inputs from all the team members through collaboration. Motivation and loyalty are the other by-products of collaboration.

The book emphasizes that motivational leadership goes a long way in inspiring and achieving high levels of productivity and loyalty from not only one’s teams, but from business partners as well. Time spent in understanding the motivational criteria is like a fixed deposit that continues to give its returns for a long period.

The book Management by Walking initiates the reader into the journey of learning and adapting to the dynamically changing needs of the businesses. A must read for managers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and academicians.


Dr AK Agarwal is a technocrat with over 30 years of experience in augmenting the growth in hi-tech companies and in spearheading successful global business alliances. He has developed deep insights in innovating resilient leadership. He has travelled to diverse parts of the globe, extensively interacted with the international business community and intelligently carved out a niche in technology management and innovation, within the conceptual framework of flexibility. Dr Agarwal is a perfect blend of philanthropist, industrialist and academician. He has a representation in various professional bodies – at national and international levels.


Logically, the collective output of an organization is much more than that of the individuals. However, this is only true, if the individuals work in a synergetic mode, rather than in their own independent ways. Their efforts and activities need to be well coordinated and that too in a unified direction. Directionless coordination will not yield the desired results. Of course, to do that one needs a mechanism and such mechanism is provided by the framework of ‘Management by Walking’.

‘Management by Walking’ is not only a philosophy but also a process of being receptive to inputs and processing the same proactively to stay ahead of one’s competitors. Practicing ‘Management by Walking’ process enables the manager to get a ringside view of the problem and thereby identify the problem before it rears its head. It also assists in diagnosing the practical solution through innovative options.

In today’s fast changing scenario at the marketplace, “quality information” holds the key and this key can only be acquired if the management leaders move out of their ‘Ivory Towers’ more often. When quality information is utilized with a focused goal, it leads to innovation. And once innovation is embedded in the culture of the employees, it becomes a powerful formula to succeed. ‘Management by Walking’ gives a healthy platform to implement this well directed strategy.

The successful quality of a leader is to listen to all sorts of advice-good or bad. But in this process the biggest hurdle is the leader himself. Only unbiased listening quality of a leader can put him in unhindered successful mode. If the team members clearly understand what the company wants to achieve and how to get there, then there is no need to spend a lot of time to remove the blockades in the implementation phase.

The basic foundation of the process of ‘Management by Walking’ is people and that is why according to its framework, the logical definition of management is “with the people, by the people and for the people”.

Today, human capital is a critical asset in every organisation. Big or small, it does not matter. The management leadership has to ensure such an environment, where people are not stagnated, uninspired, unmotivated, dissatisfied or frustrated. These factors are responsible for work politics and group formations that eventually lead to deviation from company goals. In this fiercely competitive, globally charged business environment, where ‘knowledge’ is the key ingredient of success in business of every nature, there are lots of pressures and high stakes for the business leaders. Under such situation, the employees are expected to deliver not only high output, but also quality output, that is, flawless performance. Management bosses, at times, demonstrate behaviour which disturbs the motivational forces amongst the employees. The time required in correcting such an error is much more than it took to generate it. Thus, it is essential for business leaders to offer quality time to their employees to build the road to success for their business.

Written in simple language and lucid manner for easy comprehension, the book is a treasure trove of modern management ideas. To explain every facet of management by walking, the book is divided in thirteen fully illustrated chapters. Pertinent references from actual experiences, valuable quotes from eminent scholars on the subject, and illustrations further enrich the book. It will prove highly useful to the students and teachers of Management, professional managers and entrepreneurs. To those who want to learn about the important aspects of Management, it will provide for a stimulating and richly rewarding reading.

Dr. A K Agarwal



This book’s appeal is that it condenses the basic principles for practical management. The examples and illustrations cover the most fundamental management topics and are described in a very accessible way. It is a must read for every manager striving for continuous improvement of his/her leadership skills.

Jean-Marie Vanalderweireldt
Vice-President (Operations) Barco nv, Belgium

Dr. Agarwal has perfected the art & science of management by preferring to leave his AC office and being amidst his people, while leading them as CEO of a leading engineering company. Management by Walking is a winner’s tale that assists professional managers in their journey of corporate excellence…. Recommended reading for practicing managers, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and academicians.

D.S. Rawat
Secretary General ASSOCHAM, India

In his thought-provoking book Management by Walking, Dr. Agarwal has exhibited a high level of creative thinking and showcased his vision on management of tomorrow. His focus is on building a new business environment for the organization and its people in the new knowledge world, which promises the growth of fair prosperity along with happiness in plenty.

Prof. P.B. Sharma
Vice-Chancellor Delhi Technological University, India

The book is purely practical and provides enjoyable reading. A complex subject has been explained in simple language and powerful style. While new realism for corporate sector is emerging, consumers’ behavior is rapidly changing…. Publication of this book plays an important role in this changing environment.

Prof. Choelsoon Park
Professor, Seoul National University, Korea and
Member, Editorial Board, Long Range Planning (Elsevier)

Management by Walking offers a fresh look at some tried and true management theories and provides us with a much needed reminder that organizations cannot be led to success by bosses who sit at a desk all day. This practical volume will be of interest to seasoned professionals, and should be included in their libraries.

Ms. Mary Delmege
Former Regional Director US Commercial Service, USA