Presenter: Sonam Agarwal
Published: 2019
Language: English
No of pages: 221
About Book

‘Grub Fiesta’ has on offer for you a kaleidoscopic melange of an array of nutritious recipes from a legion of Indian and International cuisines. The cookbook window dresses rainbow like inviting illustrations of recipes to entice the eyes of the readers and leave their taste buds asking for more. You will be compelled to latch on to every opportunity to refer to these culinary creations in memorable moments like birthdays, festivals, holidays and what not. It will enable you to afford spend less time in the kitchen and rather train a major chunk of your energies on life’s other goalposts.


Sonam Agarwal is an ingenious young entrepreneur, who believes in out-of-the-box thinking and putting her innovative ideas related to any sphere in life not only on the table but also into practice without much ado. And when it comes to cooking, even that is no exception. She refuses to conform to the stereotype and her inaugural venture as an author with her introductory recipe book ‘Grub Fiesta’ adheres to that principle all too well, making it stand out for more reasons than one. She holds an engineering degree and has considerable experience of working in the IT sector. Cooking being her hobby, she has taken it upon herself in the book to recreate a new magic to the age-old best-loved dishes she has learnt to rustle up from her mother’s wellspring of cookery lessons. She has honed her cooking skills under her mother’s tutelage. She stoutly believes that we never actually cook food but rather serve our love, thoughts, and soul to the consumer.